If you are thinking about putting your home on the market or if you already have your home on the market, a Seller’s Inspection, or a pre-listing inspection, is a wise investment that could save thousands and keep potential buyers from walking away.

The common perception is that a home inspection is only for the home buyer, not the home seller, but actually a great time for a home inspection is BEFORE you put your house on the market.

Why is a Seller’s Inspection worth the investment?

  • A Seller’s Inspection puts you in control! You will not be surprised by repair items that the buyer’s inspection finds.  Instead find them now, on your own terms.
  • Finding out now if your home needs repairs allows you to make decisions on your own terms.  You can make repairs yourself, take the time to get the best prices from contractors, or choose not to fix them and include the repair in your homes disclosure.  
  • A Seller’s Inspection can provide you with valuable information that can allow you to sell your home faster and closer to the asking price.